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Lightning QRA Day

The Mighty Fin

CWJ May  2015


The "Mighty Fin"

April 2017

After 4 years and 900 hours on the Tornado GR4 my time on the aircraft came to an end on April 18th 2017.

Cold War Jets Day

May 2015

Buccaneer XX894 did not run at this event due to essential maintenance on her braking systems. XW544 with her pilot Ollie Suckling and passenger Geoff Wickens on board blasted down Bruntingthorpes runway.

Harrier GR3

Harrier GR3 XV808

May 7th 2017

TBAG have been spending time, helping to bring  Harrier XV808 back to life.

Anti-Det Run

Anti Det run

July 2016

XX894 was given her monthly shakedown and performed flawlessly. Both engines were taken individually to 80% throttle by pilot Mike Birt. Nothing quite like the sound of an RR Spey to wake your day.

Spitfire Double

Cold War Jets 2017

May 28th 2017

On a beatiful summers day Buccaneers XW544 and XX900 performed 2 Thunder runs during Cold War Jets with pilots Oliver Wheedon and Dennis Brooks.


AAV Shannon

Spitfire Double

June 2016

Colin Robinson and his US compatriot do the Spitfire Double from Goodwood in 2 x TR 9  Spitfires.

Engine Run June 2017

TBAG and AAV Shannon

April 2017

In 2016 The Buccaneer Aviation Group (TBAG) agreed to return Shannon-based Atlantic AirVentures (AAV) Buccaneer S.2B XX897 to a live exhibit in return for her Spey engines and key spares.

Engine run XX894 & XW544

June 24th 2017

Both Buccaneers XX894 and XW544 where given their monthly engine tests and performed flawlessly for thier audience.

CWJ May 2013

Cold War Jets

May 2013

XW544 looked resplendent on a beautiful May bank holiday Sunday after being lovingly washed and polished by Russ, Kayleigh and other members of TBAG

Lightning QRA Day

July 2013

On a glorious July day a very special event was held at Bruntingthorpe with both Lightnings from the Lightning Preservation Group performing a double QRA as well as a seperate run from Buccaneeer XW544.

Thunder City

November 2012

Dave Webber, Francis Wallace, Colin Robinson, Andy Webber and Harry Robinson visited Mike Beachyhead and Ian Pringle in Cape Town South Africa for the highlight of a lifetime - Crewing the back seat of Buccaneer ZU-BCR

CWJ August 2013

Cold War Jets

August 2013

XW544 having a shakedown the Saturday before Cold War Jets with pilot Ollie Suckling and lucky passenger Andrew Webber

CWJ August 2012

CWJ May 2012

XW544 Pre Roll Out Day

XW544 Pre-Roll Out

March 2012

Whilst months of total work went into the preparation for the Roll Out event the immediate days and weeks preceding March 24th where a hive of activity at Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground.

Cold War Jets

August 2012

August 26th 2012 was another great day for the Buccaneers. Unfortunately we had a few teething issues with XX900 which meant that she could not run on the Sunday.

Cold War Jets

May 2012

May 6th 2012 was another great day for Buccaneer XW544. Unfortunately we had a few teething issues with the brakes on XX894 which meant that she could not take part in a three ship taxi with XW544 and XX900

CWJ August 2013

XW544 Roll Out

March 2012

March 24th 2012 was a huge day for the Buccaneer Aviation Group with the roll out of a re-painted and winter serviced XW544. Together with XX894 and XX900 the finale being all three Buccaneers roaring down Bruntingthorpe’s runway.

CWJ August 2013

XW544 Roll Out Day

Big Thunder Day

Big Thunder Day


In the days of large RAF commitments to air shows comes some outstanding footage of Buccaneers displaying at Bruntingthorpe.

Buccaneer Retirement

Misc Aviation Films


March 1994

A now unforgettable sight of 9 Buccaneers in formation before breaking and landing. Fantastic stuff!

Buccaneer in service

Various Dates

We have a collection of aviation videos spanning from the early 1960’s on HMS Hermes up to the present day with footage from Bruntingthorpe Proving Grounds

CWJ May 2017

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April 2017

Buccaneer bottle openers back in stock.

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TBAG - Shop New

May 7th 2017

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Buccaneer Events

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May 7th 2017

TTBAG are planning a number of special events over the next 7-8 months. These will include specialist photo opportunities as well as a special Buccaneer anniversary event. We will keep you posted on the website and Facebook pages.

TBAG - Shop New

May 7th 2017

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