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March 24th 2012 was a huge day for the Buccaneer Aviation Group with the roll out of a re-painted and winter serviced XW544. Together with XX894 and XX900 the finale being all three Buccaneers roaring down Bruntingthorpe’s runway

XW544 Fast taxi

24th March 2012

The moment as XW544 is readied for unveiling to the waiting visitors. Looking glorious in the spring sunshine in her newly repainted livery. First stop a long taxi up to the waiting photographer’s and then a power down Bruntingthorpe’s long runway for a fast taxi. Please see A Day in the life of the Pilot of XW544 for more intimate details of that experience.

Three ship scramble

24th March 2012

This was the final run of the Buccaneer Open Day now with XX900 and Dennis Brooks to make it a threesome. What a wonderful noise as all 6 RR Spey engines spooled up and each Buccaneer thundered down Bruntingthorpe’s long runway in turn - XX894, XW544 and XX900.

A wonderful end to a fantastic day and the weather gods certainly kept their promise!


A day in the life of the pilot off XW544

24th March 2012

Well what a weekend, after 7 months of hard slog XW544 was finally revealed to the public, and she looked fantastic...

A day in the life of the pilot of XX894

24th March 2012

t had been nearly four months since I'd run the engines in XX894 and, following the resolving of a hydraulic leak and the changing of the fuel injectors (which Francis had cleaned over the preceding few weeks), I was looking forward to running her again...

A day in the life of the crew chief for XX894

24th March 2012

Its late August 2011 at the Cold War Jets Open Day. Both XX894 and XW544’s Speys spool to silence in front of the watching crowd. The whir of the generators click offline signalling the start of a frantic winter season for The Buccaneer Aviation Group. XW544 will be fully overhauled and repainted whereas XX894’s sick engines will have to be repaired....

A day in the life of the crew chief for XW544

24th March 2012

After 6 months sat in the hanger XW544 came out on March 17th and with minor snags performed better than I expected

We had fitted the new brakes which were expected to be warm from bedding in but they never got hot all day...

In Memorial to Squadron Leader K J Tait and Flt. Lt. C R Ruston

24th March 2012

I first became interested in Buccaneers when I became a father. I wanted to find out more about what my own father did while I was a child on the RAF Germany airbase of Laarbruch. I was always aware of his red arrows service because I had the flyers and badges but the Buccaneer was more of a mystery.