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Who We Are

The Buccaneer Aviation Group are an organisation of volunteers who are dedicated to the preservation and maintenance of two ex-Royal Air Force Buccaneer aircraft in fast taxi condition.    

We are the only group in the world who are dedicated to this aircraft type.

We offer aviation enthusiasts the unique opportunity of becoming involved with these aircraft through our web site, as well as experiencing them in person at our Bruntingthorpe Airfield base in Leicestershire, England.     


We are a "Not for Profit" organisation so any funds you donate will be spent directly on the ongoing maintenance and long term preservation of these aircraft, as both testament to those who built and flew the Buccaneer, as well as for the enjoyment of present and future generations. We will require significant funding to help us achieve our short and long term goals so any donations you may be able to give will be gratefully received.


To become a part of this venture and to be kept up to date with developments we would like to invite you to become a "Friend" of our organisation.

The Story So Far

With both XW544 and XX894 at Bruntingthorpe from early 2004 the respective volunteers worked independently on their aircraft’s restoration whilst gathering there own stocks of spares. The two groups knew each other well and there was always a good spirit of co-operation.

In February 2011 the owner of XX894, Guy Hulme,  decided that he no longer wanted to be involved with the project and offered the aircraft for sale. The volunteers involved with both Buccaneers saw this as an opportunity to acquire the aircraft to preserve and maintain it at Bruntigthorpe Airfield. With this objective in mind both groups combined to form The Buccaneer Aviation Group.

XX894 was sold in March 2011 to GJD AeroTech, who originally sold her to Guy Hume in 2003. The new owner, Gary Spoors, was happy to let her be operated  and maintained  by The Buccaneer Aviation Group. He also offered to sell the aircraft and her spares to the newly formed group once funds became available.

On 23rd May 2011 The Buccaneer Aviation Group held it’s first Annual General Meeting at Bruntigthorpe, with the those closely associated with both aircraft becoming Senior Members of the newly formed organisation. At this meeting it was agreed that Dave Webber would be Chairman, Andy Webber the Group Secretary and Graham Pool the Treasurer.

On 29th May the Group’s Buccaneers displayed to the public along with XX900 from the Cold War Jets collection. This was the first time three Buccaneer aircraft had operated together since the type’s retirement from RAF service in 1994.

In October 2011 XX894 was finally purchased on behalf of the group, completing the initial objective.

The Groups mission is to preserve both of these aircraft in Fast Taxi condition for the enjoyment of current and future generations and as testament to those who built and flew the Buccaneer.

The long term goal is to get the aircraft under cover for protection from the deteriorating  effect of the elements. In the short term there are immediate costs for fuel, insurance, tyres, repairs, servicing’ etc. that need to be met.

Our groups first fund raising event was on 24th March 2012 and celebrated the completion of the restoration of XW544. The group is reliant on public donations to help meet the costs of both these short and long term goals.

The Buccaneer Aviation Group would like to express our gratitude and thanks to David Walton for his support in providing a home to store and operate our aircraft and his assistance with our endeavours.